New Electronics presents some of this year’s integrated world exhibitions

Mar 11

New Electronics presents some of this year’s integrated world exhibitions

As the world’s largest Embedded Systems Fair opens, New Electronics will be showcasing some of the trade shows.

This year’s Embedded World takes place from February 27 to March 1 under the motto “Embedded Goes Autonomous”. The organizer focuses on one of the core topics of the industry.

The exhibition is expected to host around 30,000 visitors with more than 1,000 exhibitors.

The three-day event will also feature a series of lectures on topics such as integrated vision, IoT, autonomous systems and hardware engineering.

The Avnet Silica booth will feature over 60 map and tool demonstrations. It proposes advanced technologies and products in the areas of acquisition, security and security as well as Microsoft solutions that meet the challenges of design engineers and system developers.

Special emphasis will be placed on key technologies for the development of IoT products and systems as well as a demonstration by Microsoft HoloLens.

Avnet Silica: Booth 1-370

Visitors to the Analog Devices booth will see a range of company embedded technology demonstrations ranging from front-end sensors and linear signal processing to microcontrollers and digital signal processing.

Application engineers are available to answer design challenges related to Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Home, Personalized Healthcare, and related topics.

Analog Devices: Stand 4A-629

Lynx Software Technologies will explain how it will support the creation of ADAS systems and design-aware critical IIoT systems. LynxSecure provided effective protection against the blending and distribution of security vulnerabilities because they were secure from the start and eliminated the need to correct the facts. The company will also discuss its development strategy for LynxSecure 6.0 to create the Internet of trust on which ADAS and the connected industrial infrastructure can be deployed.

Lynx Software Technologies: Stand 4-409

National Instruments will focus on hardware-in-the-loop testing, integrated software verification and validation, and measurement and control. The platform aims to accelerate productivity for a range of automated test and measurement applications in a variety of industries, including the automotive industry.

National Instruments: Stand 4-108

Rutronik will have two booths at the show – Rutronik Embedded and Rutronik Smart.

Rutronik embedded displays system concepts ranging from networked sensor hubs to enterprise gateways and solutions. The focus is on robustness and long-term availability for displays, storage media and embedded boards. The smart booth will feature integrated wireless solutions, high-security semiconductors, sensor technologies and cloud services.

Rutronik: Stand 3A-317 and 3A-400

Armor demonstrations include the accelerated development of IoT nodes and robotic problem solving. The presentations will cover areas such as understanding processor security technologies and accelerating vehicle product development cycles with virtual prototypes.

Arms: Stand 4-410

To help companies develop the “design of tomorrow,” Texas Instruments will introduce smart car, smart building, smart factory, and smart city technologies. Presentations include MMWave sensors for counting people, radar pickups, a wireless charging solution for electric vehicles and the MSP430FR6047 microcontroller with integrated ultrasonic detection.

Texas Instruments: Stand 3A-129

Renesas will introduce a range of solutions in the automotive, industrial and retail sectors. His MCU Car Rally will appear in a fourth year, in which the students will be commissioned to build a race car with Renesas components. Renesas will show how the AI ‚Äč‚Äčleadership will be guided in the future and hopes that his connected car will be a real hit. Visitors can try the PowerCompass app to quickly find the right power solution for their application and generate a custom baseline design file. Workplaces with the latest developments RL78, RX, RZ and Renesas as well as power solutions are also presented.

Renesas: Stand 1-310

The Silicon Labs booth will feature six interactive demonstrations of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mesh, multi-protocol technology and cloud connectivity.

Visitors can dynamically connect to a sub-GHz network via Bluetooth LE on a smartphone and extend the multi-protocol connection to various proprietary wireless applications, discover the protection of sensitive components, and accelerate their Zigbee / Thread 802.15.4 network designs.

Silicon Labs: Stand 4A-128

Rohde & Schwarz will introduce three oscilloscopes, each equipped with smartphone-type touchscreens and probes that meet today’s power measurement needs. Also available is the Scope Rider from Rohde & Schwarz, which was developed for measurements in field power electronics, and a pre-compliance test setup for developers who only sporadically measure EMC to test their designs.

Rohde & Schwarz: Stand 4-218

Vehicle safety and compliance are the focus of the LDRA booth. Highlights include a set of tools for identifying and highlighting code errors and vulnerabilities, automating the code review and testing process, and simplifying the verification / validation of software cyber security requirements.

LDRA: Stand 4-509

To address security vulnerabilities, HCC Embedded will introduce its encryption software suite to secure IoT applications and optimize development time. HCC will also introduce its EAP / TLS offering that provides security for wireless and IoT applications.

HCC embedded: Stand 4-690

Adlink says factories of the future can not be built overnight; their infrastructure must be upgraded with technologies such as AI, robotic operating systems, data distribution services, time-critical networks, and more. Visit the booth to find out how today’s factories can be turned into factories of the future.

Adlink: Stand 1-540

Following the acquisition of Hansoft by Perforce Software, the company will be presenting Hansoft’s agile planning and management tool. Together, Hansoft and Helix support integrated team and management projects that improve collaboration, transparency and risk reduction.

Perforce Software: Stand 4-180

HCC Embedded will announce an encryption suite that protects IoT applications and shortens development time. HCC will also introduce its EAP / TLS offering that provides security for wireless and IoT applications.

HCC Embedded: Stand 4-609

Visitors to the Express Logic booth will discover their industry-leading X-Ware IoT platform, designed to make connectivity between small IoT devices and the cloud simple and transparent. X-Ware’s IoT platform provides the best IoT connectivity for deeply integrated IoT sensors, peripherals, routers and gateways.

Express Logic: Hall 4, Stand 122

Arrow Electronics will showcase its fully integrated IoT portfolio under the motto “From Sensor to Sunset”. The collection includes sensors, wireless connectivity, cloud platform gateways, aggregation and data visualization, analytics and security, and more. You want to transfer prototypes in production,

Arrow showcases maps, development tools, and system modules, including several new Mezzanine 96 board options for the DragonBoard 410.

Pfeil Electronics: Stand 4A-340

The RISC V edition of SEGGER’s cross-platform IDE would be the first professional IDE to support the open source RISC-V architecture. All features and functions of Embedded Studio for Arm and Cortex-M are also included in the RISC-V version. Visitors to the booth will also appreciate the combination of J-Link with Embedded Studio.

SEGGER: Stand 4-238

Bridgestek presents its intelligent PanL automation technology. The demonstration by PanL Greenhouse will show how to speed up plant cultivation in commercial greenhouses and increase yields by accessing light intensity, ambient temperature, soil moisture and moisture data.

Bridgestek: Stand 4A-326

The stand of Socionext shows developments in areas such as IoT, graphics, imaging and Industry 4.0. The next generation graphics display controller – SC1701 – is designed for embedded remote display applications based on the SEERIS graphics processor, as well as a surveillance camera solution with the Milbeaut image signal processor

Socionext: Stand 3A-119

Xilinx will demonstrate how machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion and connectivity are integrated into stand-alone systems and how its technology is applied by its members. There will be a series of presentations on topics such as neural networks and FPGAs. The booth will also feature a hands-on lab that will show how to market Xilinx technology faster.

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